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The Courier Guy

Founded in 2000, The Courier Guy is building a strong reputation through strong customer relations and effective personal service.

Today The Courier Guy is trusted, recognised and the fastest growing courier company in South Africa.
Franchise Opportunity!

ONE RATE National Door to Door
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Pre - Paid!

Why waste time? Book your collections online using our online collection booking form.

Online Collection Booking
Online Collection Booking

Track and trace your package using The Courier Guy's online tracking system...

Package Tracking
Package Tracking

If you want to become part of The Courier Guy family see what Careers we can offer you...

Package Tracking

To check if your Collection or Delivery is a Regional Area
Package Tracking

Franchise Opportunity!

The Courier Guy Express Kiosk Franchise System is unique.

It will be a Retail Service Centre operation providing convenient freight and packaging services to businesses and consumers

PLUS it will offer online freight solutions.

Watch this space!

The Courier Guy
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