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- Please make sure the Shop Address and the Customer(buyer) Address are searchable on Google Maps.
- Please ensure your Courier Guy account has credit.
- Please make sure you have generated API keys from your actual account with TCG. Please follow below steps to generate API keys

If you are getting an error message "No Shipping Methods Available ..."
- Move The Courier Guy shipping zone to the top of other zones.
- Check the services you excluded, make sure you did not exclude all services. You must atleast have 2 National Rates (ECO, ECOR) and 1 Local Service (LOX).
- Try testing on "Incognito Mode" or Clear your browser cache and history.


- Install and activate the plugin as you would any Wordpress plugin.

- Then navigate to Woocommerce -> Settings

- Navigate to the Shipping Tab

- Add a Shipping Zone

- Zone Name = South Africa, Zone Region = South Africa

- Add Shipping Method

- Select "The Courier Guy" on the dropdown menu and click "Add Shipping Method"

- Hover over "The Courier Guy" and click "Edit"

A Courier Guy Plugin config page will appear.


Title =
The Courier Guy

Account Number =
Your Courier Guy Account Number

Tax Status =
Taxable - A tax breakdown of the shipping cost will be displayed on the invoice.
None - A tax breakdown will not be displayed on the invoice. (Shipping costs will be displayed incl Tax)

Access Key ID =
Access Key ID generated for integration purposes. Please follow API Key generation steps. (DO NOT USE YOUR ONLINE PORTAL LOGINS)

Access Key =
Access Key generated for integration purposes. Please follow API Key generation steps. (DO NOT USE YOUR ONLINE PORTAL LOGINS)

Company Name =
Your Company Name

Contact Name =
The contact person at your company.

Shop Street Number and Name =
(Eg: Shop 12, 37 Malta Road)

Shop Suburb =
(Eg: Fourways)

Shop City =
(Eg: Johannesburg)

Shop State or Province
Select your province from the dropdown

Shop Postal Code =
Your shop area postal code.

Shop Phone =
(Format: 000000000)
Usually your shop's Cell number for shipment notifications. Use Landline if you do not require the notifications.

Shop Email =
your email address

Enable Specific shipping options =
These will be displayed at checkout for the buyer to select( Eg: Plot/Farm, Embassy ...)

Exclude Rates =
Select the rates that you wish to always be excluded from the available rates on the checkout page.

Percentage Markup =
Do you want to include a mark up on the shipping costs? If yes, please type in the percentage amount.

Automatically Submit Collection Order =
When ticked, purchases from the store with the courier guy shipping method selected will be automatically sent to The Courier Guy as a collection.
When unticked, purchases from the store with the courier guy shipping method selected will be kept as quotes on our online portal.

Price Rate Override Per Service =
If you wish to charge your customers a specific fee per specific service regardless of what The Courier Guy will charge you.
Example: ECO – 1.00
All buyers who choose ECO as a service will be charged a shipping fee of R1.00. You as the account holder will then pay the full shipping amount to TCG.

Label Override Per Service =
Do you want to change the labelling of our services?
Example: You can change ECO to be displayed as “Standard Shipping”

Parcels - Flyer Size
L W H =
the dimensions of The Courier Guy Flyer bag. Usually 40 x 30 x 1

Parcels - Medium Parcel Size
L W H =
the dimensions of your medium parcel/box.

Parcels - Large Parcel Size
L W H =
the dimensions of Largest Parcel /Sizes.

Enable shipping insurance =
This will enable the shipping insurance field on the checkout page so buyers can choose if they want to insure their parcels or not.

Enable free shipping =
When ticked, you have to fill in the 2 following fields

Rates for free Shipping =
What service, ECO, LOX etc gets submitted to The Courier Guy when you offer Free Shipping to your customers.
Note: We do not offer Free Shipping as a service. The store owner will have to pay The Courier Guy for the amount charged on the submitted service.

Amount for Free Shipping =
The cart amount that qualifies for Free Shipping.

Enable free shipping from product setting =
Would you like to offer Free Shipping for a certain product? If you enable this, a setting(tickbox) will appear on each product at the backend and you can tick it on products that qualify for Free Shipping.
This will enable free shipping if the product is included in the basket

Enable WooCommerce Logging =
Used by developers for debugging

Enable Method Box on Checkout =
When enabled, customers will get a "Courier My Order or Local pickup" prompt at Checkout

Use non-standard packing algorithm =
Check this to use the non-standard packing algorithm.
This is more accurate but will also use more server resources and may fail on shared servers.
Ship Logic API documentation - You can pre-emptively test this integration on Ship Logic’s sandbox platform to ensure a smooth transition to the new software. Official API information will be provided to you closer to the time of the software change, at which point you will be able to easily integrate into the live system. If you have any questions or need assistance with this integration, please contact the Ship Logic support team by sending an email to